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Experienced in Downsizing, Organizing and Cleaning Out Homes

Estate Detailers can help you if you need to reduce your belongings whether you are moving or just need to reorganize your living space.  We also help those who need assistance in moving to a Senior Living environment with reduced space and limited abilities.  In case of a death we have worked with families and or other professionals in cleaning out homes for a house going to market.  

We Pay Close Attention to The Needs of Our Clients

Close attention is given to each element of our process. We are very sensitive for the personal areas in which we are needed.  We work as if we were working for a member of our family or friends.  We are extremely confidential and trustworthy in all aspects of our clients. A large referral base of experts are available for those areas needed beyond our expertise such as in painting or plumbing.

Our Company's Message to Clients

Estate Detailers' goal is to assist you in making this transition as simple and painless as possible.  Our Mission is to make the transition smooth so that a new life can begin. 

About estate detailers



This is my story. 

After graduating from Ball State University, I worked in pharmaceutical sales for over 25 years.  When my company was bought out, I was able to retire early and tend to my elderly parents' needs.  

My mother and father lived in the house where we grew up.  My mother was taking care of my father until she fell and broke a hip.  My parent's then needed to move into assisted living.  At that point my sister and I dug into the enormous task of moving them and then clearing out their house.  That is basically how Estate Detailers was created.

I now help people in organizing,  downsizing, clearing out property and bringing in other professionals when needed.  As a business consultant, I facilitate every step of the process.  Being objective, thorough and detailed-oriented is essential in this work; but it is honesty and compassion that make Estate Detailers the company to call.

Judy Vigus  Owner

a personal story with a helpful hint


When my sister and I began the huge task of clearing out the personal belongings of our parents' house, we decided on some rules to follow.  The absolute rule was the each item would only have one touch from one of us.  Of course we discussed some items, but the one with the item in hand had to make the decision before moving on to the next thing. As you can image it took us months to go through the house in which we were raised.  We were very efficient, systematic and objective until...The Old Cookie Tin. 

The Old Cookie Tin was now a dull grey with a dent on one side and our mom's name written in her hand on top.  (We would not want someone walking away with our treasured cookie tin at a picnic or social gathering.  After all, it had  that homemade cookies inside.)

When we found the cookie tin, neither one of us wanted to pick it up.  Who would make the decision on the treasured item.  One of us picked it up and then it passed back and forth between us like a hot potato.  We started laughing at our unique reaction to the Old Cookie Tin out of this entire house of things.   

Well...I took the cookie tin.  When the first Christmas came, I loaded up the Old Cookie Tin with homemade cookies and took it to our family celebration.  We now pass it back and forth each year.

It is a cute story, but there is a deeper meaning here.  There will be many things in your life that have sentimental value.  The reality is that you cannot keep everything.  Just keep in mind there is a place to keep some things that just can't be thrown or given away. 

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